Unkept promises, excuses vs honesty

I’ve been wondering about how and what to post for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been doing my notoriously favourite thing of shoving it out of my mind, on a shelf with the other things that I don’t seem to want to tackle. So now…

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Small announcement: A sort of internet break

Dear friends and readers, visitors of this blog,

Firstly, I’ve had notifications of new people who have clicked the Follow button to this blog, and for that I want to thank you!

Secondly, this little announcement letter is to inform you that I’m taking a sort of short break from the land of WordPress and the Internet till the end of this month. I’m not sure why I feel like it, so I’m taking it as a time to relax and instead read and just…be.

I’ll be back on the first Sunday of February as usual to post blog posts, read your wonderful blogs and comment on them as I usually do.

Thank you! :)

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Word Cloud Wednesday: A first attempt

I’ve been following wePoetsShowIt for a couple of weeks now and have wanted to participate in their Word Cloud Wednesdays. It’s basically a little fun challenge wherein a blog post (by anyone who volunteers their posts) is picked and the words used in the post are turned into a “word cloud”. The challenge is to use only the words in the word cloud (though one can cheat and not use ONLY those words) and create a poem or create a piece.

The 1st of January word cloud was from a post by one of my favourite bloggers…so you know, I had to try it! So, here is my attempt about 2 weeks late and hoping it will make sense ;)

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My awakening experience and moving forwards.

The Tower card from tarot decks usually signify an event or time in one’s life when the Universe and their life stream / soul / Spirit decide it’s time for the individual to wake up. It may present itself as a traumatic event or a time in  when everything  seems to be falling apart. I also believe that it can present itself as an inner turmoil – like thunder rumbling within the darkened sky heralding a major storm, like the turbulent sea in the midst of such a storm, with strong winds forming huge crashing waves as we grip the edge of the little row boat we seem to find ourselves in.  And, I think that is when we come to certain major cross-roads in our journey, a place where we decide which way we are going to go – sometimes consciously but before that mostly unconsciously. Most times we aren’t sure what we are doing, we’re scared, confused and we stumble along in blind panic trying our best to talk ourselves back into some semblance of calm. Sometimes, there is a voice within us that feels like the glow from a candle still alight even with the raging storm all around us, nudging us towards a certain choice or action. Either way, these times in our lives give us the opportunities to do what can’t not be done. The choice though is always ours.

This is my story.

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2013 in review, A Joyous 2014 and a short update

It’s New Year’s today over at this side of the world!

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Season’s Greetings

Christmas tree/2009

It’s the 25th of December here in Malaysia!

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12 Days of Christmas Prompt: Memories

153As I type this there are another 3 days to Christmas. Sindy from bluebutterfliesandme came up with the idea of celebrating the season of Christmas by collaborating with some bloggers posting each day with whatever theme we wanted to.

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Hospital Lessons (1)

This idea just floated into my mind one day. You see, I spent almost 11 years working in the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the first eight years were at a district hospital. During that time I learned quite a few life lessons and for some reason I just thought it would be a good idea to do a small series of these events.

Maybe it is a way to remind myself of the lessons I learned, maybe it is also a way to share those lessons to those who read it and though these lessons are things I truly believe we ALL know whether consciously or not, I’d like to go with the flow and do it anyway.

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Quote: Your map, the Spirit and the Compass

Another quote day. I’m just so totally pooped from the awesomeness of working six 12.5 hour days week ( is this even the correct way to say it? Never mind..it’ll do) for 2 weeks (yay! one week down as I type this and 2 weeks done when you read this..woohoo!) so you and I get a wonderful break with another quote from The Map by Collete Baron-Reid.

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Quote: Finding the real magic

Quote for today comes from the book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of your Life

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A new venture

Cover September IssueI’ve always wanted to write for a magazine…

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The Map

Last Sunday I posted an excerpt from the book The Map, by Colette Baron Reid. As I was replying to comments on the post all the while thinking…*what* am I going to post for Wednesday…my mind seeming really quite determined to take some time off from 30 days of November madness…I was struck by inspiration!

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Quote: Traveler’s Notes from The Map

Ah…it’s December :) Back to regularly scheduled posts every Sundays and Wednesdays! Yay for routine ;)

This post was originally meant to be posted earlier this week but Sage who is an awesome writer of terrific poems wrote one specially because I requested it and I *had* to share it.

On the day this post got written, I decided to “go with the flow” and picked up the book nearest to me and opened a random page to get a nice, simple quote.

Sometimes, Life is really quite “haha” funny because the book nearest to me was The Map by Colette Baron-Reid and the random page wasn’t so much a quote as well…you’ll see.

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